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At MTRWESTERN, your journey begins with a commitment to safety, excellence, and hospitality. As a premier charter bus service, we pride ourselves on delivering travel experiences that exceed expectations at every turn.


Whether you’re planning a team transport, corporate outing, school trip, or special event, trust MTRWESTERN to transport you with care and precision, ensuring peace of mind every mile of the way.

Where We Operate

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Charter Bus Services

MTRWESTERN is the go-to choice to help people from all over the region get to and from area casinos in safety, comfort and style. In addition to pre-arranged charters, we can set up “park and ride” hubs in key areas surrounding the casino to provide passengers with the luxury of buying individual tickets. We also operate private charters for area churches, senior groups, and other entities. Fully wrapped, Casino-branded motor coaches can be created to build brand loyalty with riders and advertise your casino to the public.

We routinely shuttle large groups to and from area concerts, sporting events, festivals, parades, fairs, and other attractions . We are experts at navigating sports arenas, fairgrounds, wineries, amphitheaters, parks and other venues to provide passengers with the best pick-up and drop-off experience.

We have trusted relationships with the region’s Convention & Visitors Bureaus (CVB) and with the facility managers for the top convention centers. We offer transportation logistics to get attendees safely and comfortably to/and from the hotel, airport, convention venue, and excursions around town or around the region.

MTRWESTERN helps corporate clients throughout the region to get employee groups of all sizes to and from team meetings, formal outings, stadium events, and other excursions. Our motorcoaches have secure high-speed wi-fi if productivity is needed while in transit.

MTRWESTERN is a trusted provider of transport services for military bases and facilities throughout the Northwest and along the West Coast from California to the Canadian border. We have the training, clearance, and facility knowledge to safely, swiftly and efficiently move personnel to and from bases, ships, airfields, public events, and other destinations.

Our drivers are expertly trained to safely navigate multiple routes to all of the area’s mountain resorts – in sun, rain and snow – all year-round. Private motor coach is the safest way for people who are unfamiliar with dangerous roads to get to the mountains. Best of all, passengers arrive relaxed, refreshed, and ready to ski, hike, bike, or enjoy whatever adventures await.

When field trips and excursions beyond the school district boundaries are in order – especially those that require time on the highway, mountain passes, downtown streets, or rural roads — schools count on MTRWESTERN motor coaches to safely get students, teachers and chaperones to and from the destination.

MTRWESTERN works with tour operators, cruise lines, and hotels throughout the region to provide the very best tour experiences for their guests. We run tours around the city; out to wine country; up to the mountains; and down the coast from the Canadian border to California.